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Contact a licensed Downey personal injury lawyer near you if you are suffering from a severe injury caused by someone’s negligence.

Skilled personal injury attorneys work hard for you, and help you through every phase of your case: 

  • Burn injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injuries, loss of limb 
  • Wrongful death, work place accidents 
  • Disability, Insurance Claims
  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • and defective products.

Personal Injury Law attorneys will understands that your injury case will greatly affect your life and needs all the attention it deserves. 


A Accident Injury Hotline Serving the Downey Area (562) 659‘9103

Community Legal Solutions Serving the Downey Area (833) 746‘1216

Lawyers Group Serving the Downey Area (855) 287‘7989

Law Offices Of Ronald Nolan Serving the Downey Area (661) 383‘1208

Accident Attorneys' Group, Inc. Serving the Downey Area (877) 771‘6732

Traffic Ticket Attorneys Serving the Downey Area (877) 787‘2334

Law Offices of Judith S. Leland, APLC 8345 Firestone Blvd Ste 300 Downey, CA 90241 (562) 904‘6955

Law Office of Peter L Lago, JD 8350 Florence Ave Downey, CA 90240 (562) 861‘1810

Law Offices of Orloff & Associates APC 8402 Florence Ave Ste B1 Downey, CA 90240 (562) 869‘3034

Law Office of Henry Posada 8280 Florence Ave Ste 220 Downey, CA 90240 (562) 450‘5538

Law Offices of Ronald M. Hall 8020 2nd St Downey, CA 90241 (562) 268‘5522

Tredway Lumsdaine & Doyle LLP 10841 Paramount Blvd Ste 300 Downey, CA 90241 (562) 923‘0971

D Pena Arturo Attorney At Law 7857 Florence Ave Ste 210 Downey, CA 90240 (323) 421‘9369

Law Office of John A. Bunnett 8136 2nd St Downey, CA 90241 (562) 927‘1400

Kinley Matthew L Atty 10841 Paramount Blvd Downey, CA 90241 (562) 923‘0971

Lumsdaine Joseph A Atty 10841 Paramount Blvd Downey, CA 90241 (562) 923‘0971

Haveson Alvin R 8202 Florence Ave Ste 300 Downey, CA 90240 (562) 923‘8993

Cort Serrano & Cort 9040 Telegraph Rd Ste 206 Downey, CA 90240 (562) 923‘6761

Sailer Law Firm APC Serving the Downey Area (855) 349‘1997

Injury HelpLine® Serving the Downey Area (888) 278‘0637

1-800-The-Law-2 Serving the Downey Area (866) 404‘8653

Injury HelpLine® Serving the Downey Area (866) 265‘6957

Gonzales Law Partners, P.C. 8137 3rd St Downey, CA 90241 (323) 540‘0999

United Legal Solutions 8607 Imperial Hwy Downey, CA 90242 (855) 595‘1123

American Bar Association

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